I Played A CD Today

By Tom Rodriguez

I played a CD today
That I thought was lost
I listened to each song that 
I know was intended to speak to me
I let the songs play over and over
Savoring each memory as it came
And I wondered if she remembers me
Or did she even keep a copy 
It was a gift given to me with love
A long, long time ago
I still don’t know why it is so hard
To forget old loves
I suppose it has to do with
My wanting her to remember me
And so I wondered does she ever think
About those golden days in San Francisco
And those foggy grey-pink winter nights 
In San Diego and La Jolla
So many wonderful memories
Of Santa Barbara and St. Louis
A treasure trove of memories 
Of endless days spent exploring
And sharing laughs and kisses
I played a CD  today
That I thought was lost

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