My Mother’s Kitchen

By Tom Rodriguez

Growing up, my Mother’s kitchen
Always smelled of baking pies
That wafted through
Our small five room house

My Mother, Jennie

Waking up each morning
Was always so much fun
To rise and see what pies
Were baking in her oven

Sweet smells of cinnamon and
Cloves, ginger and nutmeg
Of apple, peach and cherry pies
Banana, pecan and pumpkin too

On the breakfast table every morning
Eggs, bacon and tortillas
A hearty meal to start the day
That always ended with a piece of pie

Noon brought us home from school
For lunch, a bowl of Caldo de Rez
Steaming hot and simmering
With warm tortillas and sweet butter

But dinner was always the best
Sharp aromas wafting from her kitchen
Of cumin, anise, garlic and onions
And Mexican oregano and cilantro
Meals of rice and beans
Avocados and limes
Sometimes chicken and beef
And always warm tortillas and pie

But my fondest memories 
Are of sharing all of those meals
With Mom and Dad
And my brothers three

Those are the days
That I remember most
When my thoughts drift back
To how it was
Once upon a time
In my Mother’s Kitchen

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