The Four Seasons

By Tom Rodriguez

So much to be
Thankful for
As Spring and Summer
Fall and Winter
Flood the world
With visions of paradise

La Primavera
March, April, May
Winter’s gone and the birds
Come out to nest and sing
Green grass is sprouting and
Leaves are turning green
Lovely blossoms fill the trees
Bees are buzzing and
Daffodils and tulips are blooming
Lilac fragrance fills the air and
Kites are flying high
Butterflies flitter about and
Lovely spring flowers bloom
In well-tended gardens and
Multi-colored beautiful wild
Flowers blanket the meadows
Sudden soft rain showers bring
Smiles to lovers’ faces and
Beautiful sunrises and sunsets
Makes them stop and stare
And fills them with tranquility
In spring, everyone’s in love
When the earth turns green again

El Verano
June, July, August
The halcyon days of summer
Hot humid days and
Warm summer nights
The sound of crickets chirping and
Fireflies darting about in the dark
Clear starlit skies reveal the
Wonder of the Milky Way
Lush green trees and green rolling hills
Fill the landscape and please the eyes
Majestic redwood trees waving in the wind and
Fragrant forests beckon one and all
White birch trees
Shine bright in the sun and
Their leaves glisten as they catch
The rays from the morning sun
Lightning and tornadoes
Frighten all, and white
Cumulus thunderheads
Signal the coming of rain and thunderstorms
Joggers fill the streets and
Baseball games fill the nights
Family picnics and reunions
Bring families closer and
Days are filled with joy as
People celebrate the summer sun

El Otoño
September, October, November
Fall, the glorious season that
Signals summer’s end, the time of
Beautiful colored leaves and
Short days and long nights
The time when maple trees
Turn on their glorious
Red, orange and yellow leaves
That make you contemplate
What beauty really is
The time when birch trees shed
Their bark and lose their summer beauty
A time when nameless joy fills the heart when
Seeing geese flying in “V” formation and
Honking to let you know
They are heading south for winter
Picking pumpkins and drinking
Apple cider are annual rites and
Jack-O-Lanterns with scary faces
Signal that Halloween is near
It is the time of the lovers’
Harvest moon and for dark
Cloudless skies filled with millions of stars
It is a time for reflection and
A time to give thanks on
Thanksgiving Day
As we celebrate
The gifts of life

El Invierno
December, January, February
The air turns cold and bites the skin
The days get shorter and
The sky is grey
Warm sweaters and
Big colorful heavy jackets
Are everywhere on everyone
The trees shed their leaves
And reveal their naked limbs
It is the time for lit fireplaces and
The smell of smoke fills the night air                          
It is time for hot chocolate and family outings
Time to sit and wonder at the falling snow
As it covers the land and
Creates a magnificent wonderland
Crystalline snowflakes cover
Frosted window panes and
Kids start building snowmen and
Having snowball fights
Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and
Football games start showing up on television
Christmas comes, with swirling snow like
The white wings of small angels, and
Familiar much loved carols fill the airwaves
Gifts are placed around the Christmas tree
Presents for all, and,
Love and happiness are come
Again into this land

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