Fall (El Otoño)

By Tom Rodriguez

El Otoño – September, October, November

Fall, the glorious season that
Signals summer’s end, the time of
Beautiful colored leaves and
Short days and long nights
The time when maple trees
Turn on their glorious
Red, orange and yellow leaves
That make you contemplate
The meaning of beauty
It is the time when birch trees shed
Their bark and lose their summer beauty
A time when a nameless joy fills the heart upon
Seeing geese flying in formation and
Honking loudly to let you know
That they are heading south for winter
Time for picking pumpkins and
Drinking apple cider and
Jack-O-Lanterns with scary faces
Signal that Halloween is near
It is the time of the lovers’
Harvest moon and for black
Cloudless skies filled with millions of stars
It is a time for reflection and
A time to give thanks on
Thanksgiving Day
As we celebrate
The gifts of life

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