Summer (El Verano)

By Tom Rodriguez

El Verano – June, July, August

The halcyon days of summer
Hot humid days and
Warm summer nights
The sound of crickets chirping and
Fireflies darting about in the dark
Clear starlit skies reveal the
Wonder of the Milky Way
Lush green trees and green rolling hills
Fill the landscape and please the eyes
Majestic redwood trees waving in the wind and
Fragrant forests beckon one and all
White birch trees
Shine bright in the sun as
Their leaves glisten when they catch
The rays from the morning sun
Lightning and tornadoes
Frighten all, and white
Cumulus thunderheads
Signal the coming of thunderstorms and rain
Joggers fill the streets and
Baseball games fill the nights
Family picnics and reunions
Bring families closer and
Days are filled with joy as
People celebrate the warm summer sun

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