Winter (El Invierno)

By Tom Rodriguez

El Invierno – December, January, February

The air turns cold and bites the skin
The days get shorter and
The sky is grey 
Warm sweaters and 
Big colorful heavy jackets
Are everywhere on everyone
The trees shed their leaves
And reveal their naked limbs
It is the time for lit fireplaces and 
The smell of smoke fills the night air                                
It is time for hot chocolate and family outings
Time to sit and wonder as the falling snow 
Creates a magnificent wonderland and
Crystalline designs adorn
Frosted window panes
While kids start building snowmen and
Having snowball fights
Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and
Football entertain on television
Then Christmas comes, with swirling snow like
The white wings of small angels, and
Familiar much loved carols fill the airwaves
Gifts are placed around the Christmas tree 
Presents for all, and,
Love and happiness are come 
Again into this land

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