This Is Your Life

By Tom Rodriguez

This is your life
And it’s the only one
You will ever have

Your life is not a game
Or a merry-go-round 
It’s a one way journey

So don’t waste time 
Running a race that can’t be won
Time is short and precious

What good is your life 
If you have no time to appreciate
The beauty of the world

Make time to enjoy your life
Find your purpose, laugh a lot
Love a lot, and learn to forgive

And remember, you are not perfect
And you never will be
So love what you’ve been given

Savor the special moments
If you find love, treasure it
And always give as much love as you get

Be kind to others
And be kind to yourself
Life is short and unpredictable

And no one knows 
How much time they have left
Or even what the next day may bring

You need not fear the setting sun
If you have lived a life
Filled with sunshine and love

So get right with yourself
Get right with those you love
And get right with your maker

Begin today, start now
It’s never too soon
And it‘s never too late

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