First Love

By Tom Rodriguez

What strange alchemy
Causes a man and woman
To fall in love

And what is love
Is it a feeling or a thought
Or is it just a wish

Is it chance
Or is it choice
Or is it a little bit of both

I wasn’t supposed to be there
That night, at that party
But my friends insisted

I walked in and there she was
My eyes caught hers
And we looked at each other 

She was tall and tanned and lovely
Jet black hair, large brown eyes
Angelic shy smile, red lips, I was hooked

Both of us were too unsure to speak
Each waiting for a sign
Me, hoping she would look my way again

Her, looking to see if I was looking her way again
I looked at her and smiled
She looked back and returned my smile

And how is it that two people
Who minutes ago
Had never seen each other

Now shared an intimate bond
Based solely on some 
Mysterious metaphysical attraction

Shortly, we were introduced and
All of my senses came alive
She told me she was from another town

As we talked she seemed to hear my silent voice
And I wondered were those feelings always there
Hidden away in some recess of my mind

We talked for hours
So long, that my friends left without me
And I knew that it was time for me to go

I asked her to walk me to the corner
She said yes, and as we walked
I took her hand in mine

At the corner, under the street light
I stopped, pulled her toward me
And I kissed her, softly and tenderly

That first, wonderful, warm
Mysterious, beautiful, soft kiss 
Released in me a world of new emotions 

After she promised to see me the following day
I slowly walked away from her
But quickly returned and walked to where she stood

I took her lovely face in my both my hands and 
Kissed her again, this time passionately
It was a scene worthy of James Dean 

She came back to see me several times 
Over the next two years
But it was impossible to sustain our love

A long distance relationship
Just didn’t work for two young 
Seventeen year olds

So my first love ended in sadness
But these many years later
I still remember her 

There have been other women 
That I have loved over my long life 
Three of them I married, others I lived with

But hers were the first lips that I kissed
And she was the first girl that I loved
I will remember her always

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