In My Dreams

By Tom Rodriguez

Dreams, what are they
So much has been written about them
In songs, poems, and books 
All seeking to interpret their meaning

Whatever dreams may be, I love it when
The spirits that inhabit my dreams
Visit me and I reconnect with departed loved ones
That I get to see and talk to once again

In my dreams I see their faces 
And hear their voices 
That I haven’t seen or heard in many years
For me they are welcome visitors 

The dreams I cherish most are when
I am visited by special people I have loved
Grandparents, my mother and father
Brothers, boyhood friends, and old loves

In those dreams my parents are always young
The years before my mother had her strokes 
And before she lost her sight to diabetes
My father is also always young and handsome
A time long before his heart attacks

In my visits from wives and lovers
I again feel the emotion and intensity
Of the time we were in love 
Sadly, my dreams are always fleeting

Other dreams run the gamut
Of strangers I have never met
Or of people that I went to school with
And of girls and women that I liked
But will remain forever unrequited lovers 

Every night the spirits come
Nonsensical, joyful and prophetic
Full of symbols and carriers of messages
And when they come I escape into a welcome
Realm of fantasy and memories

There is magic and power in my dreams
Ephemeral mysteries I’ve yet to fathom
They are the portals of my unconscious desires
The nightly movies of my hidden mind 

For only in my dreams
Can I travel back in time
And though nothing can change my past
I am thankful that in my dreams
I get to visit it again 

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