Making A Difference

By Tom Rodriguez

As a young man, I was never one to turn away
When seeking to right a wrong
And that usually led to my getting into fights
That served to make me strong

I also never learned to stay silent
When bullies did their hateful deeds
In time, however, I found better ways to fight
Without the need to bleed or plead

Speaking truth to power to make a difference
That’s the activist life I’ve had
I never planned it to turn out that way
But that’s the life that’s made me glad

I’ve met a lot of hateful people in my life
And none of them were worthy of my time
Liars and phonies, racists and bigots
Too many to count, all of them slime

I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for the underdog
Trying to make America a better place for all
And I’m proud that I’ve won more battles than I’ve lost
And never once gave up as I pursued my call

American democracy is under siege
White privilege, supremacy, and terrorists abound
An onslaught of anti-voter laws are being passed
While hate and racism run rampant all around

America is once again at a historical crossroad
Right wing politicians desperate to keep their seats
So called public servants with no integrity or character  
Are passing draconian laws hoping to avoid defeat

I know not what other activists will do
But this one will continue to fight
By trying hard to make a difference
To try to finally make things right

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