No Regrets 

By Tom Rodriguez

It’s been one hell of a ride
Years of growth, love and adventure
Filled with countless days of discovery and pleasure
A life free of being censured

I have few regrets that I can think of
I’ve had more than my share and drank my fill
And though I’m full I’m still not through
It’s harder, but I’m still running up that hill

No question that I’d do it all again
If given half a chance
Still I’m always looking for another road to take
And even one more great romance

Crazy how time flies
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
Remembering the special people I lost along the way
But the best memories remain and I still sing

I’ve weathered all the storms that came my way
And somehow I’m still in the game
Enjoying my life and whatever new it brings
Still working hard to stoke the flame

No matter about my many years
I’m still hooked on chasing dreams
Enjoying laughs and love and life
While searching for yet another scene

Sadly, I have learned that with the Golden Years
Come pain and heartbreak, and sometimes tears
And that my life, while dear, is now short and fleeting
And I’m certain it will end in tears instead of cheers

So if the end is nearer than it is far
I take some solace in the fact
That I missed out on very little along my way
And though I’m a man with many cracks, I’m still intact

I don’t know what tomorrow brings
Or even if there will be a tomorrow
And the only thing I really know
Is that if I have to leave
It will be without regrets or sorrow


    1. Ruth, it takes a lot of living to be able to write about a lifetime of experiences. Thank you so much for your nice comments.


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