The Fall

By Tom Rodriguez

I have always loved the Fall 
The changing of the leaves
The magic in the air
And the color of the light

I vividly remember as a boy watching in wonder
As the light from the glorious setting sun
Changed magically from minute to minute
Before my young awe-struck eyes

It was almost as if someone
Had placed a translucent curtain
Over the face of the sun
And softly filtered the sunlight

That remarkable visual effect
The sound of the wind rustling
Through the leaves high up on the trees
Are all indelibly embedded in my memory

I particularly loved the late afternoons
The cool wind blowing on my face
Brightly colored leaves falling from the trees
And especially the twilight hours just before dark

If you have ever lived it
You know what I am talking about 
And why it is so unforgettable

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