Tom Rodriguez, 2013
Tom Rodriguez photo: 2013
Photographer: Claudio Ferreiro

Hi. My name is Tom Rodriguez and I want to welcome you to my website.  I intend to use this site to introduce my books to new readers and to periodically publish excerpts from those books to give readers an idea of their contents.  I will also publish original stories of events and experiences from my life that I hope readers will find interesting.  From time to time, I will publish blogs on issues that I feel strongly about on a wide range of subjects ranging from current events, politics, immigration, the Latino community, personal growth, movies and books.  Lastly, I will write and publish poems that I hope will speak to your hearts and minds.

I am hopeful that readers will find what I post to be educational as well as entertaining.  Toward that goal, I promise to work hard to post only things that I believe have some intrinsic value to readers and I look forward to exchanging comments with some of you.

Welcome aboard!

Las Vegas skyline photograph by Darren Rodriguez