A History of the Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada: 1976-1989

Author: Thomas Rodriguez
Published by:  The Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, Inc.
Graphic Design & Layout: Jack Cobos Graphics
Printed by: Hall Directory, Topeka, Kansas, September 1989
Pages: 86

This book documents the short thirteen year history of the Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, the pre-eminent Hispanic organization in Las Vegas, and in the State of Nevada.  In his book, the author, Tom Rodriguez, captures the heart and soul of the organization through in-depth interviews with the first six chairpersons of the Board of Directors, including the first female to serve in that capacity.  Each of those chairpersons shared their unique memories of the many struggles they faced and obstacles they overcame to establish the Latin Chamber during its early years.  Rodriguez traces the evolution and recorded history of the organization, including listing all of the Board members who served from 1976 to 1988, and all of the staff members who were employed from 1978 to 1988.  He also compiled an impressive record of all of the monthly luncheons and banquet hosted by the Latin Chamber and a list of the Who’s Who list of speakers at those events.  Rodriguez also recorded a list of all Award Recipients, Programs and Special Projects, and the Latin Chamber newsletters, and publications.  Best of all, Rodriguez included in the book hundreds of photographs capturing the many celebrities, politicians, and Hispanic leaders who frequented the many popular luncheons and banquets.  Lastly, Rodriguez set forth ten predictions for what he believes will happen in the Hispanic community in the decade ahead.  

“The Latin Chamber has 13 years of memories to call upon and Rodriguez has produced a fine book regarding most of those years.  There are comments from present day politicians, who, as a rule, attend the Latin Chamber’s functions, that did not realize they had been watching history in the making…Dozens and dozens of pictures are included singly and in group form, and anyone who has attended the many functions of the Latin Chamber can usually recall what the specific occasion was with each picture.  A book that is sure to be picked up and viewed time and again.  “A History” is recommended as a timely review of the Latin Chamber as well as the growth of Las Vegas.”  

Senior Times, A.L. Maius, Reviewer, Las Vegas, Nevada