¿Quién es Quién?: A Who’s Who Directory of Hispanics in the State of Nevada

Author-Editor: Thomas Rodriguez
Published by:  The Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, Inc.
Graphics and layout: Jack Cobos Graphics
Printed & Financed by: CENTEL, September 1987
Pages: 60

¿Quién es quién?: A Who’s Who Directory of Hispanics in the State of Nevada, is the first published effort to provide biographical information on Hispanic-origin men and women living in the State of Nevada.  The 103 individuals included in this publication represent many diverse fields ranging from government officials to business persons, educators, civic leaders, physicians, politicians, artists and many others.  Essentially, the Directory endeavors to present a comprehensive picture of the continuing dynamic growth of Nevada’s Hispanic population through the achievements and involvements of these successful individuals in all areas of their lives in the State of Nevada.  It is also intended that Hispanic youth throughout the State of Nevada will be encouraged by learning about these individuals and will begin to identify strongly with the achievements of the outstanding Hispanic individuals featured in this historic publication, who are helping to ensure the future of the State of Nevada.   It is also worthy of note that in the 33 years that have passed since the publication of the Who’s Who Directory, there has never been another similar document published in the State of Nevada.  

Hispanics usually don’t like to talk about themselves.  It takes coddling, convincing and coercing before they lay out their life story, but a recently released compilation of ‘Who’s Who’ among state Hispanics gushes with special accomplishments and pride.

The editor responsible for its creation, Tom Rodriguez, hopes a lot of that pride will be transferred to young Hispanics who read it… Among the biographies, two are medical doctors, eight have received Juris Doctorates, eighteen have masters degrees, and thirty hold bachelor degrees in various subjects.  All biographies graduated from high school and 69 percent attended four years or more of college.  The 1980 census showed only 1.6 percent of Hispanics in Nevada had four or more years of college.”

Caryn Shetterly, Reporter, Las Vegas SUN Newspaper