A Profile of Hispanics in Nevada: An Agenda for Progress

Author: Thomas Rodriguez
Published by:  Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, Inc.
Graphic Design:  Jack Cobos Design
Funded by:  Circus-Circus Enterprises, Inc., Nevada State Bank, Southwest Gas Company 
Printed:  Hall Directory, Topeka, Kansas, April 1997
Photographs: 41, Graphs & Charts: 64
Pages: 108

This book is a follow-up to the 1984 booklet, A Profile of Hispanics in Nevada: An Agenda for Action. In this book, the author, Tom Rodriguez, includes a section titled, “A Decade of Growth” which documents the tremendous growth that has occurred in the Hispanic population in the State of Nevada since 1980.  The book also includes a section titled, “The Changing Face of Nevada,” that speaks to the great race and ethnic diversity that has occurred in Nevada during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  As in the 1984 booklet, “An Agenda for Action,” this book also includes sections on the Distribution of the Hispanic Population in Nevada, Census Demographics, the Educational Status of Hispanics at the Primary and Secondary School Levels, Post Secondary and Professional Educational levels, Immigration and Assimilation, Political Participation and Representation, Employment, and Economic Development.  Rodriguez also put forth 55 “Agendas for Progress” for consideration by Nevada’s decision makers.

“Clark County School District executive and longtime Hispanic activist, Tom Rodriguez, has produced a stellar 108-page book profiling Hispanics in the state.  The publication teems with graphs and charts and useful information.  It should be required reading for anyone trying to understand the state’s largest minority, and in political terms it is an invaluable primer for perspective candidates.”

Jon Ralston, The Ralston Report

An influx of Hispanics is changing the face of Nevada, and a new publication, “A “Profile of Hispanics in Nevada: 1997” describes an agenda for making that change a positive experience.  Nearly one in five Nevada elementary school children are Hispanic – 18.9 percent.  In the book, Rodriguez spells out an action plan and strategies for getting more Hispanics into public office and increasing job opportunities, as well as expounding on immigration and assimilation, economic development and education concerns.  The cover of his latest work depicts the faces of change – children of mixed heritage.”

Debra D. Bass, Reporter, Las Vegas SUN Newspaper