A Profile of Hispanics in Nevada: An Agenda for Action

Author:  Thomas Rodriguez
Design & Graphic Layout:  Jack Cobos Design
Artwork: Andrew “Cokie” Valdivia
Published by:  Latin Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, Inc.
Printed by:  Hall Directory, Topeka, Kansas, September 1984
Pages: 40 

This booklet, released to the public in September of 1984, was at the time it was published, the most comprehensive document  ever available on Hispanics living in the State of Nevada.  The booklet received widespread media attention throughout the state and served to dispel the widespread perception of Hispanics as an “invisible” minority.  In his booklet, Rodriguez statistically, and with specific narrative , pin points the major problems facing the Hispanic population in Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular.  The specific problem areas covered in the booklet include:  a detailed analysis of 1980 Census data, the geographical distribution of the Hispanic population in Nevada by county,  their political participation and representation, their educational status in primary and secondary levels, and post secondary and professional levels, their employment and labor, economic development, health and social welfare, and the administration of justice.  In the Afterword to his booklet, Rodriguez lays out in specific detail Agendas for Action that if implemented by stakeholders throughout Nevada, will lead to the empowerment of Hispanics in all of the problem areas highlighted statistically in the booklet.  The booklet should be considered must reading for anyone seeking to learn more about Nevada’s fast-growing Hispanic population.