We Are Americans (Somos Americanos)

Gomez and Rodriguez Families, 1963

By Tom Rodriguez

Hispanic people are a large
And fast growing segment
Of the beautiful multi-cultural 
Mosaic we call America

We are the people of the Sun
Whose history encompasses
The intrepid explorers 
Who discovered this continent
As well as the people who
Inhabited it before
It was discovered

We belong here
And have earned our right
To stay by helping to
Build this great country

By planting and harvesting
Its crops, by toiling 
In its factories
By helping to build and maintain
Its highways and railroads
By fighting for and giving
Our lives to defend it

We are mothers and fathers
Sons and daughters
We are people who have
Suffered poverty, exploitation
Discrimination and endured

We are professors and teachers
Doctors and nurses
Lawyers and police
Office managers and secretaries
Farm workers, and casino workers 
Janitors, waiters and gardeners
Actors, models and singers
And we are symphonic musicians 
And Mariachis

We are everyman 
And everywoman
And like everyone 
Who claims this country
As their home

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