Immigrant Voices

By Tom Rodriguez


Tumultuous times
The poor of the world
Are on the move
A revolutionary force
Unsettling borders
Troubling governments
Angering citizens
No way to stop them
Desperation is stronger
Than Border Patrols


Their story 
Is our story
The lifeblood of 
The American story
An endless infusion
Of Peoples from 
Around the world 
Who come here 
Seeking a better life


At its best
That is the promise 
Of America
To take in the 
“Huddled masses”and
“Yearning to Breathe


These immigrants 
Who come here
To start new lives
Are here to stay and
America is shaping 
Extraordinary people
Who want to erase
Their memories of poverty
And oppression
And contribute to 
Making America great


Tremendous changes
Occurring in this country
From the foods we eat, 
To the music we listen to
The arts we buy 
The culture we live in
The schools we attend
And the politics we practice


These new Americans are
Producing a society of 
Inter-twining cultures and 
Creating a multi-cultural society
In the end, the American
Mosaic will be put back
Together again, stronger
And more beautiful 
Than ever before

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