Of Storytellers and Books

By Tom Rodriguez

Ancient memories
Passed down as
Oral histories from
Generation to generation
Changing as they pass
Morphing into myths
And stories

Stories are powerful
And must be preserved
Words chosen carefully
And responsibly
Forms of alchemy
To inspire those
Who hear and read

We need storytellers
Just as much as we need
Air to breathe
And food to eat
They take us on 
Shared journeys 
To comprehend our 
Values and beliefs

Good books inspire us
And bring us joy
They touch our hearts
And heal our spirits
They have the power
To change our minds
And give us faith and hope

Together, storytellers and books
Create snapshots of a culture
Powerful healing images
Of our joys and tragedies
And of our triumphs and failures
At their best, they are
The interpreters of the
Memories we keep hidden
Deep within our ourselves

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